XWT-ID16 OMRON Automation and Safety

XWT-ID16 OMRON Automation and Safety

สเปค XWT-ID16 OMRON Automation and Safety



Specifications I/O connections Rated internal circuit

power supply voltage Rated I/O power

supply voltage Model

Inputs NPN (+ common) 16 points M3

Screw terminals Supplied from the


connector 24 VDC DRT2-ID16

PNP (- common) DRT2-ID16-1

Outputs NPN (- common) DRT2-OD16

PNP (+ common) DRT2-OD16-1

I/O NPN (input: + common,

output: – common) Input: 8 points/

Output: 8 points DRT2-MD16

PNP (input: – common,

output: + common) DRT2-MD16-1

Inputs NPN (+ common) 8 points DRT2-ID08

PNP (- common) DRT2-ID08-1

Outputs NPN (- common) 8 points DRT2-OD08

PNP (+ common) DRT2-OD08-1


รายละเอียดสินค้า / Product Details

XWT-ID16 OMRON Automation and Safety


Type Other Control Type Network Varieties [Other] Other
Additional Function Input/Output / Communication Function Connection Terminal Terminal Block
Mounting Method DIN mount Representative Standard CE / UL / CUL / CSA
Number Of Inputs(Point) Number of Outputs(Point) 16
Internal I/O Common Line Processing (Polarity, Input/Output Types etc.) NPN compatible Note Expansion unit (CompoNet, DeviceNet Common Use)

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