E3T-SL11 OMRON Automation and Safety PLC

E3T-SL11 OMRON Automation and Safety PLC

สเปค E3T-SL11 OMRON Automation and Safety PLC

Product Category Photoelectric Sensors
Features Offered in both flat and rectangular
Output Configuration NPN
Connection Method Pre-leaded
Sensing Distance 5 mm to 15 mm
Sensing Method Limited Reflective
Light Source Red LED


  • Photoelectric Sensors NPN CONVERGENT-BEAM
  • Photoelectric Sensors NPN CONVERGENT-BEAM
  • Reflective, Convergent Optical Sensor 0.197″ ~ 0.591″ (5mm ~ 15mm) ADJ NPN – Open Collector/Light-ON


E3T-SL11 OMRON Automation and Safety PLC

รายละเอียดสินค้า / Product Details

“Hyper-Eye” Miniature Photoelectric Sensor Omron’s “Hyper” LED achieves the industry’s smallest visible red beam. Self-contained sensor ideal for compact applications. Pin-point beam ideal for detecting extremely small objects. Retroreflective model detects objects as small as 1 mm diameter. Power supply voltage 12-24 VDC. 50 mA max. output. Robotics cable on all models. Dimensions: 0.73″ H × 0.27″ D × 0.37″ W (18.5 mm × 7 mm × 9.5 mm); Flat Body Style: 0.75″ H × 0.47″ W × 0.14″ D (19 mm × 12 mm × 3.5 mm). Meets IP67. CE approved. PNP models available.

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