CP1E-E30SDR-A OMRON Automation and Safety

CP1E-E30SDR-A OMRON Automation and Safety

สเปค CP1E-E30SDR-A OMRON Automation and Safety

Supply voltage type AC
Number of digital inputs 18
Input type PNP/NPN
Number of digital outputs 12
Output type Relay
Program capacity 2 K steps
Data memory capacity 2 K words
Logic execution time 1.19 µs
Communication port(s) USB
Number of Ethernet ports 0
Number of USB ports 1
Number of RS-232 ports 0
Number of RS-485 ports 0
Communication option(s) CompoBus/S Slave
Max. encoder input frequency 10 kHz
Max. number of PTP axes 0
Max. pulse output frequency 0 kHz
Function Block programming
Battery-free memory backup
Real-time clock
Analog option boards
Max. number of analog I/O channels 24
Max. number of local I/O points 150
Max. number of expansion units 3
Built-in auxiliary 24 VDC output 0 mA
Operating temperature range 0-55 °C
Height 90 mm
Width 130 mm
Depth 79 mm


CP1E-E30SDR-A OMRON Automation and Safety

รายละเอียดสินค้า / Product Details

Integrated Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) unit with I/Os and 24Vdc / 300mA external supply – OMRON (SYSMAC CP1E series – Renewal-type) – 30I/O [18DI (18 x digital inputs (24Vdc; including 6 high-speed 10kHz counters)) + 12DO (12 x digital outputs (NO contact type))] – 2Ksteps (Program) + 2Kwords (Data) memory capacity – 100Vac-240Vac supply voltage – with USB port – DIN rail mounting

A CPU unit that can be easily operated without the need for referring to a manual.
· When you begin typing an instruction using a keyboard, suggested instructions are displayed and the addresses are automatically entered.
· Easy to grasp the overall system simply by looking at the menu, making it easy to operate without referring to a manual.
· The CP1E is equipped with a peripheral (USB) port.
· Support software (computers) can be connected using commercially available USB cables.
· The transistor output type features two 100-kHz pulse outputs for high-precision position control.
· Control multiple axes with one PLC using the two 100-kHz and four 10-kHz, single-phase high-speed counters.
· *The basic models are equipped with six 10-kHz, single-phase high-speed counters.
· Specify inverter speeds via RS-485.

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