CJ1W-OC211 OMRON Automation and Safety PLC

CJ1W-OC211 OMRON Automation and Safety PLC

สเปค CJ1W-OC211 OMRON Automation and Safety PLC


I/O system CJ I/O Bus
Expansion unit type Basic I/O Unit
Type of module Digital I/O
Number of digital inputs 0
Digital input type None
Number of digital outputs 16
Digital output type Relay NO
Permitted voltage at output 5-250 V
Output current 2 A
Short-circuit protected outputs
I/O connection type Screw
Number of I/O connectors 1
Detachable I/O connector
Suitable for safety functions
Number of IOV (V+) terminals 0
Number of IOG (V-) terminals 0
Number of COM terminals 2
Height 90 mm
Width 31 mm
Depth 89 mm


CJ1W-OC211 OMRON Automation and Safety PLC

รายละเอียดสินค้า / Product Details

Omron PLC Extension Module

The Omron programmable logic controller(PLC) extension I/O module is a 16 relay output contact unit. This device enables digital I/O, analogue I/O and communication modules to clip together to the right of the CPU in any combination to increase the system throughput. Its input voltage rating ranges between 12VDC and 24VDC. Modules can be connected to the system as part of an expansion assembly to receive the ON/OFF signals from external devices into the PLC system to update I/O memory in the CPU Unit. A wide range of CJ series input units is available featuring high-speed input and suitable for use with SYSMAC CJ series.

Features and Benefits

High-speed output models are available, meeting versatile applications
ON response time: 15μs OFF response time: 80μs
Output units are available with any of three output types: relay contact outputs, TRIAC outputs or transistor outputs
For transistor outputs, select from sinking outputs or sourcing outputs
Output units with load short circuit protection are also available
Select the best interface for each application: Fujitsu connectors or MIL connectors
Screw connector terminal units are available to allow you to easily wire external output devices
Available for models with 32 outputs or 64 outputs


Industrial automation
Automobiles industry


cULus certified
Lloyd certified
NK certified

AC digital rel. output unit – OMRON (SYSMAC CJ1 series – CJ1W-OC) – 16I/O [16DO (16 x digital outputs (NO contact; 2A/250Vac or 24Vdc))] – DIN rail mounting

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