Omron CJ1M-CPU11 CJ1M-CPU13 Europe Automation and Safety

Omron CJ1M-CPU11 CJ1M-CPU13 Europe Automation and Safety

Omron CJ1M-CPU11 Europe Automation and Safety

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) CPU unit – OMRON (SYSMAC CJ1 series – CJ1M-CPU11) – 5Ksteps (Program) + 32Kwords (Data) memory capacity – can connect with 160 x I/O points + 10 x mountable units – with 9-pin D-Sub connector – DIN rail mounting


  • Compact 90 × 65 mm (H × D) dimensions are first class in the industry.
  • Provides excellent high-speed control performance, with high-speed processing of 0.1 µs for LD instructions and 13.3 µs for floating-point calculations.
  • Other models are available with special functions such as the CJ1M-CPU2[], which provides positioning functions and built-in I/O, and the CJ1G-CPU4[]P.
  • High-capacity Memory Cards up to 128 MB can be installed, and used to backup the program and system settings, or log customer data.
  • The large instruction set can support diverse applications. Four types of programming are supported (ladder, structured text, sequential function charts, and instruction lists), with approximately 400 instructions and 800 instruction variations.
  • These CJ-series CPU Units support structured programming using function blocks, which can improve the customer’s program development resources.
  • The various protection functions provide improved security to protect valuable software resources and property.
  • The CPU Units are compatible with the CX-One Integrated Tool Package. Information for each component can be linked, and the system’s data can be integrated into one database. The software can provide total support from PLC settings to network startup.

Omron CJ1M-CPU13 Europe Automation and Safety

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) CPU unit – OMRON (SYSMAC CJ1 series – CJ1M-CPU[]) – 20Ksteps (Program) + 32Kwords (Data) memory capacity – can connect with 640 x I/O points + 20 x mountable units + 1 x expansion rack – with 9-pin D-Sub connector –

•  I/O Points: 640
•  Expansion Rack: One Rack
•  Maximum number of connectable Units: 20 Units (CPU Rack: 10 Units, Expansion Rack: 10 Units)
•  Program capacity: 20 Ksteps
•  Data memory capacity: 32 Kwords (DM only, no EM)
•  LD instruction execution time: 100 ns
•  MOV instruction execution time: 0.3 μs
•  Overhead time: 0.5 ms
•  Built-in ports: One peripheral port and RS-232C port
•  Mountable options: Memory Card (Compact Flash)
•  Number of subroutines and jumps: 1024
•  Number of scheduled interrupts: 2


Ideal for applications requiring up to 640 I/O points
2 x RS-232 ports
Compact Flash card slot for optional program and data storage. Data can be stored in .CSV format, ideal for data/alarm logging and recipe handling as these files can be handled with standard spreadsheet software. Additionally, files of any other format can be stored, such as technical machine files in .pdf format
Part numbers ending in ETN signify the functionality of an Ethernet unit, however these also maintain the functionality of the CJ1M-CPU11/12 and 13

Omron CJ1M CPU’s, PSU’s and Expansion Control/Interface Modules

The CJ1M is a powerful and compact PLC family, covering applications requiring up to 640 I/O. CPU models are available with built in pulse outputs for stepper or servo control, and all CPUs in the CJ1M family enjoy optional modules for many types of I/O and communications. The CJ1M is the next generation of PLC from the earlier CQM1 series, and program compatibility eases migration between them.As with other Omron PLCs, the CJ1M series is programmed with CX-Programmer (RS stock no. 400-6440), designed for compliance with IEC61131-3. The backplane-less construction of the CJ1M series makes selection and installation simple; choose the CPU and power supply unit, then the I/O modules to suit the application. These items are simply plugged together end to end and then mounted on DIN rail.